Since 4 years I haven’t written anything here. It wasn’t because nothing meaningful happened, but we were just back in our everyday life in Munich. Things I wanted to share didn’t fit into a theme one could follow, or something you as a reader would want to come back to. That changed now, as we moved a couple of weeks ago to Herzliya, a town north of Tel Aviv.


…you might ask. Especially with kids? Why Tel Aviv? Is it safe? The kids have to learn a different language: Isn’t that too much? Don’t they need stability and their friends? Sometimes we ask ourself the same. Somehow it’s hard to explain, but let’s try.

How we started

1 12 years ago Annika and me, we sat together with a beer during a skiing trip in Austria, thinking about our situation back then. We came to a point where we felt deep satisfaction about having two wonderful kids, being able to do basically everything we wanted inside the life situation we were in and living in one of the most liveable city there is according to the news. But at the same time there was a feeling of being restless, wanting to explore more. We basically asked ourselves: Is this the life we want to live for the next decade? Our answer back then was clear and something had to change. We finished the beers and went back home with a goal in mind.

We went through many options on how to achieve that goal with the needs of the kids in mind. We planned thoroughly, and if everything would go wrong, we thought, we’d always have each other. For me that summarises pretty well, what kids need the most despite all the changes around. Parents who are as prepared as possible for what’s coming, openly communicating that the safe fallback whatever comes is sticking together and maintaining a positive attitude to what comes next. But it’s not only about the kids. We cannot stop living our lives because of them, even though we are already putting them first in almost every day to day decision. We always liked to explore and we loved going for smaller or bigger adventures. And that’s what we continue to do with the risk of failure.

The options we considered were either a short term sabbatical to understand what we want or to find a job and a new home somewhere else. They both have pros and cons, but we chose the latter, and I was lucky enough to get a new job in the same company in Tel Aviv.

Where we are standing right now

We’re here since a month. Most of the bureaucracy is done by now. The moving boxes arrived. We live close to the kids’ international school and the beach and within biking distance from my new workplace. We’re trying to build ourself a new home for the foreseeable future. I’ll try to give some insides on how we did it, what we experience here, and how we cope with all the changes in our everyday life.