Let’s simplify the world a bit today. Let’s assume that there are just two kind of people regarding to camping. The ones who get relaxed doing it and the ones who get stressed.In our relationship the roles are pretty well distributed. And I can relax completely camping. :) Your home is always with you. You stay (almost) everywhere you like it the most. No matter if it’s at the beach or deep in the mountains.

People say travelling long distances with children is stressful and that they wouldn’t do it. We talked so much about it before, that I almost believed it myself at the end and got really nervous. Of course, the preparation is quite different. What to take with you? Where to stay? How much has to be fixed before you go? Quite some things to consider, which can make it harder. But at some point the departure date arrives, you pack, you go and see what happens.

Daniel Wilms

living in tel aviv. parent of two kids. husband. explorer. enthusiastic about my family, bike-swim-run, photography, cooking, baking. traveller. idealist. optimist. passionate triathlete.

Tel Aviv