Just a couple of snapshots in black and white from last week. We enjoyed the wonderful weather in Helsinki! [nggallery id=1]

How to explain a 11-months old the concept of time-zones. Exactly. You don’t. So here a little protocol of being 10 hours ahead of time. The usual sleep-rythm is sleeping 10 hours straight in a row between 7pm and 6am the following day. Day 1: Slept the night sleep in the plane. Arriving around 10pm local time. Went to bed around 11:45pm. Woke up 1:30am. Awake until 4:30am. Day2: Slept until 2 pm.

Sitting at home, drinking an evening beer while Linnéa is sleeping. This might be the right point of time to look back a little and to think about the first part of my paternity-leave I longed so much for. So, while Annika is fighting with the European decision processes, I center my life for a short while around our little one. But it didn’t start as expected, as I got a fever during one of the first nights, which didn’t let me sleep more than an hour during that night.

In two days Linnéa is already two months old, and she is already so much in the center of our life, that I can’t really remember how it was before she was born. She is the cutest thing ever. Ui, still feeling that some hormones put me on a constant high. But in the last two month I learned a lot about myself and I’ve never felt as happy, worried, confident, weak, needed, tired, strong, insecure and loved before.

Now it’s already more than a month ago, that Linnéa was born, but still it is hard to believe, that she is actually our little one we longed so much for during the last couple of months. As hard as the headline is to understand for a non-Finnish-speaker as hard it was for us sometimes at the beginning to understand what she is telling us. It took a while to get into it, and I’m really grateful, that I could stay the first two weeks at home, so that we could support and learn from each other.

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