Living in Munich quite close to the Alps we are used to mountains. We love seeing them, hiking to places we don’t know and check our physical abilities by getting up there.Of course nowadays we’re a bit limited as to the hikes we choose, as we have to carry our two little ones as well, even though Linnéa already walks amazing distances for her age on her own two feet. In her own speed, with some kind of reward expectation at the end.

Since we started the trip we were thinking that it should include a helicopter ride. First of all because we had never done it before. On top, even though the kids are doing great, we cannot hike as long as we’d wish for…

Daniel Wilms

living in tel aviv. parent of two kids. husband. explorer. enthusiastic about my family, bike-swim-run, photography, cooking, baking. traveller. idealist. optimist. passionate triathlete.

Tel Aviv