Since the last entry a couple of weeks ago, the main thing we did was traveling and seeing friends and family. We got some more visitors, Tero and Florian, showing them Munich and our life there. Then Annika went off to Finland to go on a Linnéa tour throughout the country presenting her to almost the whole family. I arrived there a bit later when my holiday started and we enjoyed a couple of really relaxing Christmas days with a lot of delicious food up in the north. The first and the last day of my trip there, we spent with some Nokia colleagues. Once back in Munich we drove with the car to Florence. On the way we stopped close to Bolzano to cut the trip into two halves making it more relaxing and giving us the opportunity to ski again after a long time. First Annika went skiing and I took care of our little one and then the other way around.

We spent a great New Years in Florence and enjoyed the sunshine every day, taking long walks and running along the river. Our main goal was to relax after the demanding year and so we did. On the way back we made again a short stop in a skiing resort and in Munich, before continuing the trip to my parents home, which we actually saw for the first time after the move. It’s wonderful and so much cosier than the old one. It was basically a family gathering and we enjoyed seeing them all in one place, even though one of the little ones of my sister had to stay in hospital for almost the whole time, which added some complications to the otherwise nice time there. Again from here congratulations to the 70. Birthday of my father, which we celebrated there. Now we are in the train on the way back from Berlin, where we participated at a surprise-party for the now-30-year-old Florian. The last trip of the busy month :)

Linnéa was all the time a perfect travel companion - OK, all the time but the 15 Minutes when she screamed entering the heavy traffic of Florence, adding some additional challenges to daddy driving the car :) I can just repeat myself - she is growing and developing so fast and getting cuter every day. It’s such a joy watching our little life-changer developing. Now she turns from the back on the stomach and likes it so much that she does it everywhere. Again more challenges for the diaper-changing daddy :) Now we try to add milk from the bottle and mashed carrots to her diet. But I would say that still takes some more practice. She doesn’t seem to like it that much and after me trying to teach her how to do it for 3 days in a row she didn’t even want to see me anymore at night, so Annika had to put her to bed, which was previously my part. But I stroke back with a charming-attack…and it seemed to work - until the next try :)