We had planned this trip since a long time, the tickets booked since 2 months and the ash cloud wasn’t a topic anymore - so we went end of May to Zurich visiting Matthias and Claudi. We arrived on Friday in this wonderful cosy town surrounded by a lot of hills, next to a huge lake and the Alps in the background. The sun was shining, and Matthias awaited us at the airport. From there it took just 20 minutes to his flat, where we met Claudi, cooked and where we started the evening with good food and a wine at the table. After that we went out to some special bar, which is a public swimming pool during the day and turns into a bar during the night. When that closed we continued drinking beer and talking a lot. It was actually the first time that Matthias met (my wife (!) :)) Annika. So, lots of stuff to talk about.

After a good sleep we started the sigh-seeing in the really nice, small center of Zurich, before we took a train up to one of the hills around the city. The panorama was so wonderful. From there we hiked a couple of kilometers from one hill to another. The sun was shining, the colors so bright - simply impressive. We went down with a cable-car and after a beer-stop in a bar we took a boat back to the city where we ended the evening with delicious Mexican food. On Sunday we started relatively early to catch some bikes, which were free to rent for the whole day, but unfortunately we came too late and we were not the only ones having the idea :) We spentour day then at the lake. At the end of our stay we had to eat - of course - some cheese fondue. It was a great, really funny and relaxing weekend. We enjoyed it really a lot and are looking forward to repeat it in the winter :) It was nice to see Matthias & Claudi again and I’m looking so much forward to his visit in July!

Some more photos