The last weekend I spent again in a summer-cottage, this time almost 500 km in the north-west of Helsinki - in Kokkola. This second finnish cottage experience I shared with Annika’s relatives. It was a really warm welcome into the family and I could taste the wonderful blueberry-pie and smoked salmon, homemade by her grandma. Further I learnt how to throw the fishing-rod, but we came home with just one relatively small fish, and guess what: it wasn’t me who caught it. But it was a lot of fun and up to now I always underestimated the excitement which comes up with every throw, because there could be some fish interested. This was really nice. We went as well on two longer boat-trips, one around the area of the cottage and on sunday to a lighthouse with the view on the open sea. Then we had time, so that I could show the pictures of my trip to Ecuador and tell about my experiences there. We spent a really interesting and funny time together and ate sooo good food the whole time. I think it was really nice to go there, to get to know each other a little bit better and to see the places Annika told me so many times about. I really like the idea of the finnish cottage life and enjoyed every minute I was there. Being so close to the nature, listening to the silence, waking up next to the water, seeing the incredible sunset, going to swim…just amazing! I’m looking forward to going there again - but then with Annika :) Thanks to all for the warm welcome  for the time and efforts to show me these wonderful places and all in all for the nice time!!

Back to earth I am sitting now in the Pendolino train back home to Helsinki, surrounded by a few whining, old dogs, because this was the only available seat, when I bought the tickets - and it wasn’t even cheaper. So instead of sleeping, I’m writing. Now, there are awaiting me a lot of nice things this week. Juanma, a spanish friend I met during my time in Cádiz will visit me for a few weeks, using Helsinki as a travelling basis and on Saturday there will be the marathon. EXCITING!

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