This weekend was vappu-weekend, and this means that there are a looooot of people in the city and in a big park next to the sea. It is amazing how the city changes it’s face in those days. Nice memories came back - from last year, when Mareike visited me, when we organized the move to the new flat in Alberga and when we spent a really nice weekend here - or two years ago, when I went out with Rafael and when we partied quite extensively.

This year, Maria and Niels came to visit and we planned the whole weekend together. We started on Friday before they came with a nice party at Inni’s place - another friend of Annika. From there we went to the airport and picked Maria and Niels up - a bit late though as we missed the bus we were supposed to take. Straight from the airport, we went to “Lost & Found” to party the whole night. It was really funny and nice!

After the long night in the city, we slept as long and had a relaxing brunch, sitting at the table and talking a lot, before we went to the park in the late afternoon. Afterwards we saw, that it was a good decision leaving so late as the sun didn’t come out before we opened the 2nd bottle of sparkling-wine ;) When the sun finally broke through the clouds, the people in the park freaked out, screaming and shouting, as you can imagine looking at the photo under the text. It was so much fun! And so different from the “normal” Helsinki. After having wine, good cheese and bread in the park, we went through Helsinki and showed Niels the nicest parts of town, as it was his first visit. We ended the day in a good mexican restaurant and some beers in town. Today we brunched and enjoyed the whole morning, before they went back to Copenhagen in the early afternoon. Thanks for coming! It was really nice!

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