After coming back from Vancouver Island we checked in to the hotel, which served as a base-camp for all the visitors of the wedding of Natalie and Bruce, an old school friend of Annika. The wedding was the initial motivation for the trip, so it was really nice to spend some time with Bruce and his friends every day we were there. And the resort hotel was fantastic. The suite we were staying in was actually bigger than our apartment back in the days in Leppävaara :)

As this was our second visit to Vancouver, we didn’t feel pressured to do all the sight-seeing, but could enjoy the nice parts of town instead. One day we went on a nice run around Stanley Park, starting from the Waterfront station until we reached Granville Island with the help of a water-taxi. There is an amazing brewery, which offers beer and cheese tasting. This was just fantastic after running more or less 14 km in the heat. Every run should be followed up by a cool beer and good cheese :)

The other free day we had we used to climb up Grouse Mountain. There is a pretty demanding and nice trail up there. Many people went or tried to get up there. It was so nice to see so many people sweating to reach the top and enjoy the view. There is a competition going on, who runs the path in the best time. But with Linnéa on the back we couldn’t compete. Nice excuse - as if we would have a chance :)

The rest of the time we met Bruce, Natalie and their family and friends on different occasions and we felt really welcome there. Everybody was so nice and supportive. The wedding itself was a nice experience as well, as I have never participated in a North American wedding before. It was just like in the movies. Touching moments in wonderful weather and a spectacular location.