Just follow me through the day and be amazed, that all of the mood swings can happen in less than 24 hours.

Yesterday at around seven in the evening Niklas seemed to be tired. He wasn’t cranky, just showed some signs of tiredness - rubbing his nose, touching his ears. I wanted to bring him to bed, but then he seemed to be a bit hungry still. I brought him to Annika. She fed him. I brought him to bed. He played a bit with his fingers, turned around and slept.

I went down, got Linnéa. She was ready to go to bed, just saying once, that she doesn’t feel like it. But OK, that’s easy. We went brushing her teeth. I read a bedtime story to her. Stayed there for 10 minutes following our “going-to-bed” ritual, like talking about the day, finding rhymes to the words she fires at me. I told her that I’d go down and then running. She said ok and even before I left the door, she fell asleep. When I came back the sauna was heated. Annika and me went in. And right when we finished showering afterwards, Niklas demanded some more food. I fed him, he fell asleep and I finished my blog. Pure harmony.

Next day, waking up at around eight. Annika slept a bit longer, Linnéa whined around because she wanted to be with her. Quite some time later we had breakfast, listening to her favourite story. Peace was back. Niklas was a bit cranky but OK. Niklas went to sleep nicely, I prepared food, Linnéa insisted to start eating earlier. Long discussion. I won, she didn’t. Niklas got hungry. Fed him the food I made, he hated it, spit it all over my shirt, which I’d just put on. Food on my shirt, his hands, his face, his clothes, the sofa I fed him on. Linnéa in parallel was angry because her iPad game wasn’t doing what she expected it to do. For Niklas, baby food from the shop was heated quickly, he was pleased. Going out to the playground, which was fantastic. Just the fact of -15° C and wind weren’t so pleasant. Followed by a really nice restaurant dinner with grandpa, aunt and uncle and a cranky Niklas. He fell asleep in the car for 15 minutes. Woke up and felt horrible. He was just screaming of tiredness. Always when his eyes fell down he woke up again - screaming. This went on for an hour. Annika took over an unsatisfied baby and a wreck of a husband. Now time for Linnéa to go to bed. She was hanging out with her favourite uncle Matthias. Guess what, when I just mentioned bed she screamed. Calmed her down. We went to bed and I fell asleep next to her before our “go-to-bed” ritual was finished.