After leaving mid of December, we visited my parents close to Cologne.

We stayed for two weeks. I think that was the longest time I’ve stayed there since I moved out 14 years ago. After the hassle of the preparation of the move from Munich we were looking forward to calming down a little, sleeping and enjoying being around. We did all of it and we needed it. My parents didn’t let us do anything and it didn’t bother them that we spread all our things around.

We actually managed to fit all our clothes and belongings into 2 big backpacks, 3 pieces of hand luggage plus the stroller and car seats. But this tells you how packed the bags are. Once you open a zipper just a little the whole content jumps into your face.

My parents took care of our little ones quite a lot, which was great. Little Linnéa enjoyed it so much being the little princess (“Liebchen”) of my parents. The first one she went to after waking up was her grandma. It helped us to catch up with some sleep, and me especially, as I took over the “night-shifts” for little Niklas. Up to then Annika had to suffer most of it, as I didn’t have the energy while I was working. He still wakes up twice after I went to bed. And it’s hard. Even though I can manage with little sleep, being interrupted so frequently is a whole different story and I still feel sorry for Annika and the first months at home. Hope I can make up for it now.

So we got some sleep. We got amazing food. We got help with the kids. We got nice company. What else?


Florian and Niklas getting to know each other!

Niklas is “reading”.

Josi and Niklas first hello.

Catholic Baptism. For Annika it was the first time.

Karl, the 8-month-old of my best friend Florian, got baptized. In Cologne, the city I felt most at home for a long time. It was really nice to see him and his little family. It was the first time that I met little Karl, far too late, but with Annika being pregnant herself, Niklas being born 5 weeks too early and a lot of visits on both sides there hasn’t been any chance so far. It was so cool to see both of us having a family and to feel life proceeding. :) When I visited another high-school friend in Aachen, it turned out that he has a 3 month old child as well. Exciting times being home since a while. Especially at the baptism I noticed how much Linnéa grew in the last couple of months, also due to the influence of older kids in the kindergarten she was going to since September. She was so open and nice to everyone, even though she didn’t know any of them.

Annika and me got some time for the two of us while my parents were looking after Linnéa and Niklas. Even though I had to run the first marathon alone as Annika was sick, the second try worked. We had some dinner in a restaurant with a bottle of wine – just like in the old days. :) Otherwise we enjoyed the company of our relatives, the Christmas days and nights and the wonderful feeling of relaxing at home.

Delicious food all the time!
There’s even space for a third one :)

Grandpa time!

Typical morning.

Relaxing after all the stress before.
Brother and stora syster :)
Always these pictures.

Exhausted after an exciting christmas eve.
Long-time tradition: decorating the tree.
Life is good!


…to be found.

Cousin Marvin!
Christmas eve

Sister Elke and Grandma

Wer kommt in meine Arme?

Sister Sabine. Delicious cake, like always at home. Exciting story :)

Patiently waiting for her hair being styled.

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