The last couple of days, quite some people wished us a nice time. They hoped that we’d enjoy our trip. And almost everybody asks what I think and/or feel about the whole thing. Actually, I have to say that I’m totally thrilled and getting nervous now little by little. But on the other hand I don’t know what will be ahead, and what’s waiting for us. I cannot imagine it. Not even a bit. I always say that I hope everybody stays healthy. And the rest we’ll manage. For sure. But of course, taking such a step includes a lot of excitement, and you also ask yourself if you can manage. During those insecure moments, it’s always nice to get some reassurance that we are doing the right thing. Yesterday night, I found this story on BBC. You can read it, or listen to it.

It’s about a couple who both had good jobs, then took some time off, traveled around and then found something new that they could share. Of course, that’s not a thing to be done with kids. But the courage and positiveness of the article is truly inspiring. I think it’ll be really great, now we just have to make it happen.

Otherwise, Friday was my last day at work. Tomorrow there’s our company Christmas party, and then it’s really done. Today I had a preview of how it’ll be from now on. Annika got sick, and I went alone with the two of them to a brunch with friends. It was nice even though Niklas didn’t like it so much and did not wanna drink nor sleep at first. I had him an hour on my arm, in the stroller or the baby carrier. When I wanted to feed him Linnéa really had to go to the toilet, but a colleague of mine helped me out. When Niklas was sleeping my coffee was cold, and the friends about to go. How nice. At least Linnéa and me could enjoy the Christmas market. We took some time to walk around, and really enjoyed it. On the way home she fell asleep as well. So I carried her and pushed Niklas in the stroller. No we simply need some more time to get to know each other better so a day like this could work a little smoother. :)