In two days Linnéa is already two months old, and she is already so much in the center of our life, that I can’t really remember how it was before she was born. She is the cutest thing ever. Ui, still feeling that some hormones put me on a constant high. But in the last two month I learned a lot about myself and I’ve never felt as happy, worried, confident, weak, needed, tired, strong, insecure and loved before. It’s mostly about happiness, but some moments are pretty tough too. So nice that Annika and me support each other so well and that the one pulls the other up when it’s needed. Together we try to find our way through the jungle of advices everybody has to offer, whether asked or not :)

It is wonderful to see how she develops, how her own personality gets visible more and more. She laughs a lot, when she is in a good mood and is a dream-baby, when we go out to see friends or have visitors. Last weekend Soumya and Matti - my former Nokia colleagues - visited us here, and we spent a really nice and relaxed weekend together. On Friday and Saturday we discovered the city and on Sunday we took a car rental to drive into the alps. The only bad thing was the rental. I booked the car on Saturday night for Sunday morning 8 o’clock. When I arrived on time at the airport, there wasn’t any car and when I booked I didn’t realize, that in the process of booking a rental car there is still some manual work to be done. Somebody actually has to click the OK button, so that the booking goes through. And this somebody comes to work at ten on Sundays, I had to wait a little there, having a breakfast at the airport, while the others took it at home. The lady at m-broker did the best to help me, but even she was pretty helpless. After ten everything went seamlessly though. And then we enjoyed the wonderful autumn-colors of the trees, went with the gondola on the “Blomberg” close to Bad Tölz, continued hiking onto the “Zwiesel” and hiked down to our car. On Monday they left us, but thanks for the nice time we had. Some photos of the last two month you’ll find here: