Sometimes I’m surprised how far Linnéa has come already and that she’s not the baby girl anymore.

Last week a guy came along with his bike, a dog without leash at his side. He was slow, a little fat, enjoying his day. The dog was agile and eager about the things happening around him. Another dog showed up in some distance. They saw each other and the first one escaped his owner. It ran. It was unstoppable by the shouting and the insults of his owner, who didn’t change the rest of his attitude. Slowly on his old mountain bike he followed, swearing and shouting. The dogs enjoyed the short moment of freedom and jumped around. Then the owner arrived at the scene. The dogs got already tired of playing around. The owner made his dog sit. He took a branch of a tree and hit the dog. The owner was totally calm doing it. He didn’t do it of rage. Linnéa Niklas and me were coming from the beach. We were talking had some distance to the scene. I thought Linnéa didn’t notice, but then she asked what the guy was doing. As I thought she didn’t see and would not understand it and to avoid 101 “why” questions, I answered that I wasn’t sure. She answered: I think the guy is hitting the dog because it didn’t behave, ran away and he couldn’t follow. Hitting is bad, isn’t it? He is evil, right?

Linnéa likes the local supermarket. She loves to go shopping with her own little shopping car. The ladies here are extremely nice. She puts the stuff she bought on the counter and listens to them when they are talking, although she doesn’t understand. She is asking all the time what certain things are in English, and I tell her. The other day we went shopping again. The lady asked her: How are you today. She raised her shoulders as a sign of not understanding. But then she said: My name is Linnéa. The cashier asked: How old are you. Linnéa counted: One, two, three, showing her fingers.

Today we walked on the road. I asked her to stop because we couldn’t see if a car was turning into our direction or not. It didn’t. Then she asked why the driver was turning into the opposite direction. Slightly annoyed by answering around 10 “why” questions every two minutes, I said, if she wants a proper answer, then she has to ask the driver because I wouldn’t know. She answered: Daddy, he is propably speaking English. And I don’t know English.

When we went to the kindergarten today she was hiding behind me, even though she knows the place already and likes it. I smiled. Then I saw that she is holding her small bunny behind her back. I asked her why. She said: He’s shy as well and is hiding behind me. Afterwards she ran in and had fun.

All that makes me forget that she is still the little girl. When she is too shy to go to another child, hiding behind me. When she is screaming because there is water in her face while showering. When she thinks that she can convince me to do something by screaming. By answering one of the 500 “why” questions a day. But it’s fantastic to be there. To see it. To be there for her.