Travelling to the worlds’ most extraordinary snorkelling spots made us realise that this is actually something we like. A lot. Sometimes a boat has to take you out to get to the best spots, like at the Great Barrier Reef or in Hawaii, but sometimes it’s as easy as jumping from the sandy beach into the water and getting to quite amazing places within 100m off shore. It’s thrilling, as unexpected things might be happening. It’s mysterious, as the underwater world is a place we don’t know much about. It’s fun, as it’s outside, in the ocean and usually in the sun. And it’s meditating, as you just listen to your own breath under water.

But of course, it’s nothing you can do with kids, if they’re still that small. A try to take Linnéa out into the waters failed at first, because she didn’t want to put her head under water. Then we tried to go swimming with her, while we were snorkelling, and that didn’t work out either, as it is not that relaxed to watch out so she doesn’t get too much water into her face and stays happy. So usually we’re taking turns. But we both can enjoy it, take our time and talk about what we saw. I’ll go more into detail describing the places we visited. As a teaser, here are a couple of pictures. :)