Last week I made my first experience on to skis going down a hill. It is so much fun but to know what’s going on while going down I need much more training. I started with the children’s slope to get a bit the feeling for the skis under my feet. But then already after a couple of times it got sooo boring and I didn’t get enough speed to really get the feeling for what skiing is about. OK, then the big slope. It started really smoothly and it seemed to be controlable, but then I got the speed which was missing before, and a bit too much of it. First I went next to the slope on a small hill to fall down in the upcoming part. But I tried another slope and more and more I got the idea, how to control the speed, the lift and movements a bit more. Now, today, it was the second time that I went with Annika - this time with own skis, which Annika got from the internet and a fully packed 2nd-hand shop in the eastern part of Helsinki. It gets better and better, even though I fell two more times pretty hard. But all in all I think I’m on the right path…but we will see. I have the strong feeling that we found a nice hobby together and I’m eager to go to Lappland in April to see how it works on longer slopes.

Winter in Espoo