Since we started the trip we were thinking that it should include a helicopter ride. First of all because we had never done it before. On top, even though the kids are doing great, we cannot hike as long as we’d wish for, meaning we cannot experience all the places and nature we want to. We were thinking of doing it in different places, but none qualified better than Kauai. Most of the island is not accessible by vehicles. The hiking paths are dangerous and the nature is stunning. There are hundreds of waterfalls, a coast just accessible by boat or walking and the pacific ocean in all its beauty.

So Saturday quite early in the morning we boarded the helicopter and got to see the island from a different perspective. It was amazing. Even Linnéa kept quiet for a while, which is really unusual. For an hour we got to see the most beautiful scenery you could imagine. Especially the “grand canyon of the pacific”, Na Pali Coast and the flat land on the west side.

As if that would not be enough we hiked the first two miles of the Kalalau trail, right along the north coast. The perspective was different, but the views as amazing. The track is a bit demanding compared to others on the island. On the last meters a river has to be crossed to reach the beach where we stopped before heading back the two miles and jumping into the water to snorkel and enjoy the sunset.

(All pictures are as well on flickr)!