Now it’s already more than a month ago, that Linnéa was born, but still it is hard to believe, that she is actually our little one we longed so much for during the last couple of months. As hard as the headline is to understand for a non-Finnish-speaker as hard it was for us sometimes at the beginning to understand what she is telling us. It took a while to get into it, and I’m really grateful, that I could stay the first two weeks at home, so that we could support and learn from each other.

Slowly routines are helping in the everyday life. We are getting to know each other better and the relationship to her gets closer every minute she is in my arms, doing her little sounds while sleeping or looking into my eyes, while talking to her. We are a real family now, and it is already hard to imagine, how it was before, when we were just the two of us. Everything has changed and is settling right now. We walked already a lot of kilometers, enjoying the nice weather in the last couple of weeks, which seems to have come to an end now, as it’s colder now and it rains every now and then.

Further, we have quite some visitors here in Munich, so that Linnéa already met all her grandparents and her aunt, niece and uncle. As they all want to see a bit of the city and the surroundings, the little one made already quite some trips and we learn as parents with every journey, what we should not forget - for example extra-clothes, so that she will never have to wear a jacket as trousers again after a little poop desaster :) There is so much to tell and so many pictures to share, but so little time. We are sooo happy, that everythig went so well and about being a family. There is really nothing you can compare it to.