As I’m writing this post, it’s Niklas’ birthday! Now he’s 8 months old and we are already more than two months away from home. Compared to the little helpless baby he was, he’s developing his own personality more and more and turned from calm, charming baby to restless charming explorer. His will is tremendous and if he wants to reach something which he cannot get immediately he underlines his trying with a loud “aaargh”. Now he drinks from the bottle and eats solid food prepared and fed by daddy, fruit puree and everything he can grab with his little fingers. He grew – a lot. He got rid of his flu and got it back. He talks more and more with different syllables – even though he almost doesn’t get a chance, being the little brother of Linnéa. He sits – instable, but he sits. He got two teeth. He pulls himself forward through the entire room. He shows anger. He laughs out loud. He doesn’t laugh so much at strangers anymore, but all the more when Annika or I enter the room. Congratulations Niklas!

Exploring new things Eating and… smiling. Missing cool places dreaming :) Sitting hurray! Falling asleep in daddys’ arm Teased by sister and daddy! :)

Here are my teeth!

Happy! Sooo tired! Hiking with my family is sooo nice! :) Reading with “stora syster” Linnéa I’ll get there too! Hiking! Hugging mom or reaching for the fox? Being changed everywhere! Really everywhere!

Don’t put that stupid thing in front of me mom!