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As our family is located in two countries, we have to decide every year where and how to spend the Christmas holidays.

Usually we spend Christmas in one place and Annikas’ birthday and New Years in the other. This year we spent Christmas in Germany, so the natural second stop on our way around the world was Finland.

Most of the time in Finland we spent in Vaasa at Annika’s sister Heidi, Matthias and Bonzo, the young dog they got a couple of weeks ago. We are so grateful that we could be staying there for such a long time. Linnéa loves to be around them, even though she didn’t show it to Bonzo so much. She is really afraid of dogs and almost every kind of animal. And we weren’t able to cure that within the two weeks. This made it even harder for Heidi, as she really had to take care of Bonzo. Whenever he came even close to Linnéa she showed her fear by – guess what: screaming. Thanks Heidi, Matthias and Bonzo for the patience you had with us.

We started off with Annikas’ Birthday party and despite slippery roads, almost all the closest relatives made it to Vaasa celebrating with her. Linnéa enjoyed all the Christmas presents she got and Niklas simply enjoys to get to know more people. The rest of the week was determined by wonderful sauna evenings, relaxing walks in rain and snow and spending time with friends and family. New Years we spent together with Heidi & Matthias. It was just great.

Other than that, I had some bad luck during the week. I burned myself, yep, the butt on a sauna stove, I got a severe flu, which I’m still suffering of and had to go to the dentist. BUT, I watched my first ice hockey match live, could relax really a lot and prepare for what’s ahead and enjoy the sauna at any time when needed. The last two days we spent at Soumya’s and had a really nice lunch at Tero’s. After all the support, it’s now time to be on our own.

Princess! :)

Muffa feeding Niklas!
Linnéa loved this game, called “Lichterfest”.
A loooot of things we have to take. Less important and more important stuff.

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