Incredible! Just one day of work left. The last weeks went so fast. It felt like the last kilometres of a marathon. While you’re in it, it feels it’ll never end. Once in the goal it hurts, but it was nothing. The last two weeks felt tough. A big workshop, a release and a lot of things to do. At home Linnéa got sick, didn’t sleep that well and couldn’t go to kindergarten. Niklas got sick too, and slept even less.Most of it went on Annika, but some part on me as well. It feels weird to fall asleep while reading a story to the kids. Me, I’m suffering from a rib-injury, caused by the last football match two weeks a go. Maybe I’m far too old for that. But as a consequence, no time for preparation, no escape from the every day duties to lean back, thinking about what is going to happen.

In a bit more than a week we’ll be on our way to my parents where our journey begins. A lot of stuff we have to do until then. Getting the health insurance, international drivers licence, printing and organising all tickets, hotels, etc., stay healthy for a marathon Sunday in a week.

But now, sitting here in front of the computer, having a beer, some french fries that were still in the fridge and had to be eaten, I’m enjoying the moment. Being sure that tomorrow will be the start of something pretty cool. :)