Now just two weeks left before we leave Munich. I still have a week of work ahead, which is packed with things to do. I’m completely caught in my everyday life, which does not give me much time to think ahead. Of course, it’s there. Permanently. And my poor colleagues at work have to suffer of my excitement. But still, I cannot grasp what it means to be gone and to start our trip. Anyway, if I cannot do it, how could Linnéa with her 3 years of age.

For her the year was not so easy. Many things changed. She changed to Kindergarten, where the kids are older and the environment for her seems to be quite a bit tougher. She got a brother, and was now all of a sudden not in the center of attention anymore. She learned new things, grew and got smarter. So how to tell her what’s ahead? Should we do it at all? How will she react?

Of course she heard us talking about it, but I sold it to her as an escape from the new kindergarten she doesn’t like too much right now. Almost the same strategy I’m using for myself. :) From now on she started asking, we read books and watched documentaries about the places ahead. Even though she decided now not to go swimming in the sea where you can find whales. But I think she’ll manage at the end. She is now really excited, as much as we are, and she includes everything in her own little world. The kindergarden-mates and teachers will be coming with us for example. In kindergarten, the made up the story that they will be hanged under the airplane, so they won’t need a ticket. Doesn’t sound too comfortable though :) Further, she is packing her suitcase with a lot of different stuff. One day a huge amount of her stuffed animals is in there and I have to help to close it properly. Another day all socks and underwear replaces them.

All in all it’s fun, but I think none of us feels what it really means, as long as we are in our everyday life and problems. Friday is my last day at work. Then the practical preparation starts. And suddenly it’ll feel much more real, I think.