In the last couple of months it was quite silent on this blog, because I didn’t find neither time nor patience to sit down and write the things down I experienced. The fall was really nice and Annika’s return turned our flat in Espoo into a home, where it is wonderful to be and into a place I can look forward to coming back to. I enjoy so much the life together after being separated for such a long time. But it is funny how things can change so quickly and now the time she was in Ecuador feels so far away, almost like that it never was real. All the impatience, the longing and the hard time are already hard to remember. Some other exciting and nice things happened during that time. Florian and Josi came to visit, I was at the Maemo Summit in Amsterdam, Annika and me went together to Copenhagen to surprise Annikas friend, I was in Barcelona and the Christmas time with an infinite amount of candies and glög.

Now we are sitting in the plane to spend our Christmas days in Germany - our first Christmas together. Looking back at the year, I can say that it was an exciting one. I graduated, found my love and got married, got my first real job, moved in a flat bigger than 20 square meters - what a luxury - and made a lot of nice trips. I’m looking forward to 2010 with all the unknown surprises. Trips to Zürich, Lappland, Berlin and Canada are somewhat planned and we will celebrate a bigger being-1-year-married party in Kokkola in the summer…

Some time passed and we enjoyed our winter vacations in Bedburg and Kokkola, where we spent some nice days with our families and friends. It was really nice to see you all again, but unfortunately it was not possible to visit everyone, we wanted to. Finally I wish you all the best for 2010.

Photos: Copenhagen & more Christmas & New Year