This festival is somehow special, because of it’s music, it’s atmosphere and the fact, that it was the first real party-night, when I came to Helsinki 2 years ago. Last year I couldn’t go, because of my trip to Ecuador and this year we were supposed to be in Germany. But as the ash-cloud kept us on the ground, we had the possibility to be there.


One band I have to mention is Dalindèo. It is a Finnish band, lead by Valtteri Pöyhönen, who describes their music as “cinematic jazz - Instruments as actors, melodies as events, harmonies as colours. Constantly in rhythmic motion, they create a drama for each piece”. The music was fantastic and each solo really impressive. Some impressions of the concert you can see in the pictures. Sometimes the band was joined by Bajka, a singer, poet, producer and songwriter with roots in India, South Africa and Portugal [1]. It was a wonderful experience to see them live on stage and if you are interested in this kind of music you should consider adding this CD to your collection! We did it straight after the concert.



Dalindèo web-site