One nice thing of our trip was that we would follow the summer after leaving the winter for good in January. So we did. Up to now. After New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, Cuba we arrived in New York and 18° C and a really cold wind. The first thing we suffered from was a severe flu, which hit all of us. Annika started, I followed, now it’s Niklas turn and Linnéa just had a running nose. Hopefully it stays like that. Now we arrived in Canada. The first two days we wanted to check out Montreal before we would continue towards Québec. But instead we listened to the rain from inside, stayed in bed and just got out of the house for eating. So, we didn’t see much of town, but we got a good rest and continued towards Québec.

The weather here is really different from all other places we’ve visited since January. One day it can be 28°C and the other 15. I guess that’s one of the reasons why it’s hard to get rid of our flu. Otherwise the town is really nice and the people are extremely friendly. Although, the communication is still a bit of a problem here as not everybody is speaking English. Our French is acceptable for ordering food, but nothing beyond that. This is a bit sad, because everybody is so open, especially if you’re on the street with two little kids at your side. It would be nice to get some more insides of locals. But my grateful, friendly smile as thanks for the attention must do right now. We are still exploring. Getting out of the house and enlarging our “known area”. And resting and enjoying the fact that this is a place where we’re staying for quite some time.