Now, as we’re about to leave our second place on our tour, it’s noticeable how the every day life changes depending of the environment you’re actually in. Daily routines, things you do, you enjoy and look forward to change from one day to another when the environment changes. The kids and myself didn’t even notice it so much at first, but now looking back it feels like we’re living completely different. Not better, not worse, just different. So it’s definitely time to write about Karamea.

As mentioned Karamea is a really small town squeezed into the gap between the mountains and the sea. The beach is amazing, the rain forest stunning and everything in biking distance. There are basically no really dangerous animals there and it seems that the only thing which can happen is that you step accidentally on a Kiwi. And as they are out at night, it’s really not a big risk. The hiking paths are usually in a really good shape. So all in all really child friendly. Even though you cannot swim in the open sea, the surf is amazing. And the chances are pretty good that you’re the only one out there. Within the first couple of days we rented a bike each for the entire time, and it took us almost everywhere. So all that determined our life there.

After the a little less than optimal working conditions in our beloved camper van, Annika started working more and me, I got a better routine into the whole thing. Good for us was, that Annika was able to work in a small office room, where she wasn’t distracted by the three of us too much and I didn’t feel the urge to leave the house too quickly after breakfast. Instead Niklas could take his first nap still at home, which gave me time to prepare lunch and our bag for the rest of the day. Soon after eating we usually went out. There were basically two things we were thinking of:


Before our first hike I got really nervous about this one. I thought about the fact that I had to carry Niklas and all the stuff we need for the day and that I could not carry Linnéa no matter what. But I was surprised how far she could walk, if there wasn’t any other way to do it. And she liked it so much. She was walking next to me and telling me stories about her favourite bedtime story and the “little dragon coconut”. It was so much fun to listen to her and we laughed and giggled a lot. When Niklas was cranky we sang together and she seemed really grown up. And she felt that, too. At night she was always pretty proud to tell Annika what we did. And if we went the same way with Annika together at the weekends, or when she had time, Linnéa told her where we changed Niklas and about every other small detail. Even though Linnéa was reluctant before the first hike, she got into it and liked it more and more. Niklas slept well on my chest and got changed in funny places. He enjoyed it as well I’ld say. He didn’t complain much at least. So, we walked to the big Rimu tree, the beginning of the Fenian track and the Zig Zag track. All on her own. IMG_4642

Going to “our long beach”

Linnéa loved the beach. We drew in the sand, went with our feet into the water and got surprised by a wave, walked along the beach, jumped from the dunes, looked for sea shells, etc. Usually when asked what she wants to do after lunch was: Let’s go to “our long beach”. That was her expression for the beach at the sea. We did it quite often and it never got boring.


On Mondays we always went to the play center. Linnéa could paint there as much as she liked and play with 3 to 4 other kids. She rediscovered her love for painting there and now we have to buy a new pile of paper almost every week. And the drawings get nicer and nicer. At the weekends, or when Annika had time, we went out hiking or hanging out at the beach together.

No matter what else, we visited our small 4square shop almost every day, because we always forgot to buy something. There weren’t so many people there, so Linnéa could take her time getting the groceries to the counter and waiting for the receipt, which she would immediately include in her stories, games or whatever she came up with.

And running. We were able to pick up our training again. No matter if it was a slow barefoot run along the beach, an exciting one in the forest or a fast one on asphalt. We started to get some running routine again, and it felt so good. Lets see if we can keep that up.

What a nice time we had!