Annika and I passed the first week after I arrived in Ecuador on La Isla San Cristobal de Galapagos. Besides spending almost every day some time in the register office there to arrange our wedding, we saw and learned a lot about the island and the nature. A really kind taxi-driver drove us several times around - first to a nice “mirador” in another small town where we had a really impressive view, then the witnesses and me to our wedding and later, on our last day, around the whole accessible part of the island. He told us a lot about “his” island, the plants, the animals(turtles!!!) and the nature there. Everything on this island seemed to be special. Sea lions where laying all around there and I have still their typical “ouuuaaahh” sound in my ears. There were almost no tourists and we had sometimes the beach just for us. At night we often went to places away from the town to watch the stars and the full moon with a “cava” or a beer. We ate extremely good seafood, like lobster and camarones a la plancha. The highlight was - of course besides the wedding - a snorkling trip, where we were the whole day on a boat snorkling at different places, seeing turtles, sharks, rays and swarms of colorful fishes in the water and could marvel at the untouched northern part of the island. A lot of the time we just relaxed there, walked over the island, laid at the beach or just enjoyed the night in the nature or in really nice bars, as you can see in the photo. It was so relaxing and nice after being more than 3 months separated from each other.

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