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The first three weeks of June I visited Annika in her temporary home in Machala. The impressions I got there were absolutely incredible. The completely different landscapes of this relatively small country at the north-west coast of South-America are absolutely amazing. One of my three weeks vacation there we spent on San Christobal on the Galapagos, and the rest of the time in and around Machala. We went hiking “on the top of the world” in the Andes, saw there two dead animals in the grass, spent an absolutely romantic night in Zaruma, made a cocktail tour in Cuenca, where we were followed by a painter, who couldn’t accept a ‘no’, partied in the ‘old hangover’ and another bar in Machala, where everyone tried to help me dancing and I misunderstood, spent a lot of time in the bus on funny road-trips, met Annikas colleagues and friends, who welcomed me with the typical ecuadorian friendliness and openness, we enjoyed our life with a lot of good food and nice drinks, saw different kinds of banana farms, a guy who made propaganda for Dole and argued against women’s rights and the new lazy generation and had our first diner party being married. All these impressions and the fun we had, made it at the end of the three weeks hard to go back to our new home to Helsinki alone. I could talk a lot about this wonderful country, the nice people, the differences between the people and the life on the island, the coast and the mountains. Of the extremely visible differences between the wealthy and the poor people. But I think it is an experience you have to see and live and I can just recommend to go there.

The most important impressions I brought back to Finland were of personal nature instead. It was good and nice to see Annika in her everyday life there, so that it is nicer for me, being able to imagine where she is and what she is doing. It was great to see her friends there, which helps a lot. Further the wedding was incredibly nice, and of course it was really nice to spend so much time just the two of us. So all in all for me it was a great experience, an amazing honeymoon and the nicest and most exciting holiday trip I’ve done so far.

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