In the beginning of August a spanish friend I know from Cádiz, visited me for almost three weeks and he used Helsinki as his travel basis for the north and eastern Europe. It was so nice to see him back after 2 years since we met the last time and as well that I found some time to travel with him at the weekends. It was as if no time had been passed and we came along really well. We went out a lot into small bars to drink some beer and to talk. He came as well with me to the marathon and took some pictures . One day after we went to Turku to see the city and we had a coffee with Heidi, Annika’s sister. This was really nice but unfortunately I couldn’t meet her boyfriend, who was still on summer-vacations and came home too late in the evening.

During the week, while I was working, Juanma went to Tallin, and several other cities in Estonia, Lituania, and Latvia, before we went together at the following weekend with the ferry to Stockholm. To save some money, we took the boat trip without a cabin, so that we had to sleep on the floor near to an emergancy exit, where nobody could disturb us. Everybody told me that the boat trip to Stockholm is a must when you are living in Finland and I can agree that it was a really “special” atmosphere. Just like a weekend in Helsinki: insanely drunk people, who can hardly walk with the additional challenge of the moving boat. Nice to look at and to speculate who makes it and who doesn’t. But in our “room” we slept almost well (the rum could have been a reason for that, but who knows) so that we weren’t too tired when we arrived in the rainy Stockholm. Coming from Helsinki the first impression was: wow. I’ve been already there, but it was a few years ago and I didn’t really remember so much. I was amazed…a lot of people in the streets, really nice cafés with candels in every corner and good bars, and a lot of them with life music. Incredibly nice. First we planned to stay the night in a hostal - our ferry left at 8 in the morning back to helsinki - but there wasn’t any free bed because of some concert in the city and the really small amount of cheap hostals. So we  went into bars and a club and talked with a retired teacher from Galicia, who had the same plans. After a nice night and a short sleep in a kebab place, we went to the ferry and home to helsinki.

The rest of the time we spend together in Helsinki and the last days Juanma went to St Petersburg. It was really nice and he made me forget the waiting for a while. We had a lot of fun and it was a bit sad when he went back. So nice memories came up from my time in spain and I got a bit nostalgic. But anyway, I plan to run the marathon in Sevilla in February together with Annika. I hope we will have the time. Now Annika is in the jungle and it’s just one short week left. I’m excited and absolutely impatient…But we are getting there and it is nice and comforting to know about the fun the two girls have in Ecuador…

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*I have to admit: most of the photos are taken by Juanma ;)