With one week delay we arrived on Friday evening in Düsseldorf to visit finally my family again. Even though it was just a bit more than 3 months that we were there the last time, it felt so much longer, due to all the stuff we have done in the meanwhile - I didn’t even know at that time, how it feels to wear a pair of ski-boots :) We started with a nice evening, having some good food and wine with my parents, Elke with her kids and Sabine. We all were pretty tired but happy to see each other again. Everybody was quite surprised, how Annika proceeded with her German. The next morning we woke up quite early, took our running shoes and ran the 10 plus a few extra sight-seeing kilometers to Sabine’s new house in Bergheim, in summer-like weather with warmth and singing birds in the morning. We discovered with Marvin and Julia how nice it is to be a kid again and we tried their wave-boards, climbed on trees and forgot the time playing the super-nintendo games against each other. On the way back, Sabine’s whole family joined us with their bikes and we ended the day with a nice barbecue and a photo session in the wonderful garden with all the different colors of the flowers. Now we are sitting in the plane back to Helsinki, being a bit sad, that the nice time is already over. It was so nice to see everybody again and we are looking so much forward to having more time in the summer, when the family will visit us in the summer-cottage in kokkola to our being-one-year-married party. One comment to the photos: Julia took a lot of them and proved herself as a really talented photographer!

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