Eyjafjallajökull [listen :) | see ] is “one of the smaller glaciers in Iceland”. But the volcano on top of it, changed our travel plans to Marvin’s communion quite a lot and made our bad travel-luck, after a broken train in Copenhagen and a British Airways strike in Great Britain, continuing. On Thursday around noon at work we heard about the eruptions of the volcano and it’s impact on the air-traffic. At that time, just Heathrow was really effected by it and we didn’t worry too much. Then in the afternoon, Annika had to work overtime to get interviews from people, who wanted to go to Vaasa and ask them about the fact, that Helsinki is the only open airport in Finland. It was coming closer, but on the other hand, all German airports were still remaining open and nothing officially announced, that Helsinki would be closed. This changed around midnight. Helsinki was closed until 3 pm the same day. OK. 3 pm. Our flight leaves at 6, and next news would be given out at 6:30 am. Let’s see. Germany still open. Maybe we are lucky. 6:30 am: Airport will be closed until Saturday 3pm - really? - damn - but the flight is not officially canceled yet. Still hope! Maybe the situation will change? Calling airberlin! 2 hours in the waiting line listening to the “airberlin-song” in a loop, which states in German: “no storm can stop us, our airberlin”. Irony! No luck, no body answers! But the code I produced in that time works - at least that! Flight cancelled no chance to get home. Disappointment, phone calls, making plans for a weekend in Helsinki.

But I had to go anyway to the airport, as I had a package with sports-shoes, which I ordered in Switzerland. I was somehow confused and totally stressed, because I had to hurry to get to the customs in time. I almost took the bus into the wrong direction, but a really nice finnish guy helped me out and brought me to the to the right bus-stop. When I arrived at the customs they told me that I would have to pay 30% taxes on the things I bought. The question I had was, why so much and was responded with screams and half-insults, as I have never seen before! But after another person removed the women from the desk and replaced her I could talk normally and resolved all the issues I had. Then I went to the airberlin desk at the airport and could change the tickets for the next weekend. Let’s see now, what will happen. The person who helped me out at the airberlin desk were fantastic and helped me a lot! After my experience before I have to say: Thanks! :) Now I am curious how the whole thing will go on. Somehow it’s nice to see how “one of the smaller glaciers in Iceland” can influence the whole traffic in Europe. I’m sad that we couldn’t see Marvin at a day, which is important for him, but the only thing we can do is leaning back, and looking forward to our trip - if nothing prevents it from happening.