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How to get where you want to go?

After getting the idea of what you want to do and where to go, the difficult part starts: How to get there? This is actually harder than I thought. Within Europe there’s no question. Start some of the comparing portals, throw in your dates. Give some details. A return flight or not? Flexible dates? How many persons? Choose the best airline you get according to your price limit and off you go. It doesn’t matter how much luggage you get for the price, as the trip is short. And, it doesn’t matter, if you can change the dates in case something goes wrong, as the dates are fixed anyway. All in all an easy thing, done within half an hour.

Planning a continuous trip covering at least three continents and quite some countries, without being quite sure about the destinations, dates and price limit for each segment is a different story. So we started researching. At the end, we found three reasonable ways to do it:

  1. Go to one of the big airline alliances and book your ticket
  2. Use online portals, like indie, to get help along the way.
  3. Do it yourself

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