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Kokkola & friends

The last week was full of nice activities. We went to Kokkola last Friday to meet Annika’s family and to help a bit out at the cottage. Annika stayed the weekend and me until Wednesday afternoon. Even though there were a lot of mosquitoes in moments without any wind, it was wonderful to be there and enjoy the sun. Moreover Linnéa could spend a couple of hours with her aunt and grandpa, while I was painting and building up IKEA shelves. Even though I really felt that I was a bit tired, when I was explained to not paint one plank. I agreed, but somehow it didn’t reach my brain and the first thing I did when I continued painting was doing exactly the opposite – painting it :D Shit happens ;) I was by far not as efficient as I would have liked to be, but the sun was really tempting :) Back in town I met with my old colleagues, with a new colleague from BMW, who happened to be in Helsinki and one evening Inni came to visit us and she got to taste my first home-made sushi. All in all a really active but as well really really nice week.

AAAAND…finally Linnéa started to crawl :) That’s a big step we waited for. She is getting really active and I have to get used to the fact, that she doesn’t play in one place anymore, which makes my day a bit more hectic :) Out of this reason I put her into her baby bed to play one day, while I was going to the toilet. And when I was coming back she was standing in there and waving at me. I tried not to panic and smiled to reach her slowly, as there was the desk and wooden chest behind the elastic walls of the baby bed. We resolved the situation then without anybody getting hurt. I definitely learned out of that :) But the purpose of this post: Here are some…


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