Last weekend Annika and me were in Berlin and we spend a really wonderful weekend in one of the nicest cities in Germany. There we visited Florian and Josi to return the favour of being our first guests after moving together in September. After arriving on Friday night we started immediately our sight-seeing in the heart of Berlin. We went to the parliament district with the “Reichstag”, Spree etc, the russian monument (where we agreed that the russians know how to build war monuments), the “Brandenburger Tor”, the jewish monument and finally one of the most impressive streets of Berlin “Unter den Linden”. All this was really impressive, but as cold, and so we decided to start to experience the nightlife there. Florian took us to a really cosy bar and finally to a night-club on a really high floor in a building next to the “Alex”, where we could enjoy the view over Berlin. At 8:30 our night ended in the kitchen of Florians’ flat after the longest partying night since a while, with a lot of nice impressions and even more fun.


After a couple of hours of sleep, we started the day with a fantastic breakfast, prepared by Josi, who had been already on a market to buy a loooot of good stuff. Then we continued discovering the city. We started with the district, Florian is living in, and we found really nice small, special shops. Both of us bought a bag in a shop, where they sewed the bags within the shop in front of our eyes. There you can tell how you want to have your bag, and they sew it according to your wishes. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time in Berlin to do that, but we could choose one of the ready-made bags. The owner of the shop and the whole idea, is an author of poems too, so that you will get a poem with every bag you buy there. Here a photo of the shop:


We continued the sight-seeing visiting a former industrial area, which is now used as a place for skaters, bands and clubs. It was so interesting to see such a place in the middle of the city in Berlin. Everything we saw, like the cosy shops before and this area felt so lively and cultural - impressive.


From there we went to the longest existing part of the wall, which is now used for graffiti and art. Mnaaaaa…everything was really interesting and it felt so good to be there. Even though I was already a couple of times in Berlin I’ve never experienced the city in that way.


Finally we got home, ate a Kebab and relaxed. Florian and me went out the second time in a row and took some beer in the city, while Annika rested a bit more. Poor Josi who had the night-shift in the hospital, so that she couldn’t join neither the walk through the city nor the beer in the evening.

On Sunday, Annika and me went in the morning again into the city, walked the whole way “Unter den Linden” to the “Berliner Dom”, where we found a nice painting on an art-market as a valentine’s day present for us. Finally we went on top of the “Reichstag” and into the parliament, before we went back to Josis’ place. There we had a coffee, picked up our things and took the bus to the airport. Back in Helsinki we were totally exhausted, but really happy that we had such a nice weekend and so wonderful hosts!

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