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July 7, 2010


Cross reference tool for Maemo source code

Only few of you might know, that there is a cross reference tool for Maemo source code. Cross reference tool – what does that mean? It means that you can…

  • browse throughout all the existing open source code of Diablo, Fremantle, Qt and more
  • search by keywords in the code
  • click and browse through references of functions, classes and parameters

All that is done with a consistent and intuitive UI. To understand, how powerful the tool really is, and how it can help you understanding parts of the platform, please visit and try it out. Play a little bit around and let us know, what you think about it. The index for Fremantle is based on debian packages. A version for MeeGo, based on the sources in gitorious and rpm is being tested right now. Please follow further announcements on that, to be able to use it from the very beginning. For further questions don’t hesitate to ask “timeless” in the #maemo or #meego channel on IRC.

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  1. Sudheer
    Jul 7 2010

    This is really useful for beginners like me. Thanks for all your efforts.

    Does this tool index the source for all community projects in garage or only the official maemo projects?

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