Living in Munich quite close to the Alps we are used to mountains. We love seeing them, hiking to places we don’t know and check our physical abilities by getting up there.Of course nowadays we’re a bit limited as to the hikes we choose, as we have to carry our two little ones as well, even though Linnéa already walks amazing distances for her age on her own two feet. In her own speed, with some kind of reward expectation at the end.

After getting the idea of what you want to do and where to go, the difficult part starts: How to get there? This is actually harder than I thought. Within Europe there’s no question. Start some of the comparing portals, throw in your dates. Give some details. A return flight or not? Flexible dates? How many persons? Choose the best airline you get according to your price limit and off you go.

On January 12th of 2015 we will most likely enter a plane in Helsinki to Singapore, which will be the starting point of our trip around the world. It will last for around 7 months. My wife Annika and me will be joined by Linnéa and Niklas, our wonderful kids. By then they’ll be 3 years an 7 months old. Annika will work during the travel as freelance translator and journalist.

My mother pointed me to this documentary, which really showed the beauty of New Zealand. Cannot hide how much I’m looking forward to experiencing it by myself. Just a couple of weeks left at work, last preparations are ongoing. Part of it is watching this :)

I think the first thing you’ll notice planning a trip to Vancouver Island is, “wow, that’s bigger than I thought”. And you will think the same thing when you drive on the highway from Victoria to the north. Some Canadians told us that it’s a bit funny that the Island got the highway they are longing for on the mainland. But the first discovery on the island was: “wow, this is a lot of people going to the north” :) But here’s how we started.

Since the last entry a couple of weeks ago, the main thing we did was traveling and seeing friends and family. We got some more visitors, Tero and Florian, showing them Munich and our life there. Then Annika went off to Finland to go on a Linnéa tour throughout the country presenting her to almost the whole family. I arrived there a bit later when my holiday started and we enjoyed a couple of really relaxing Christmas days with a lot of delicious food up in the north.

It’s been some time since we started our summer vacations. The leaves are colored, the air crispy and the first snowflakes fell. So now it’s really time to put up some photos and to write down some experiences of the summer trip. First of all it was amazing. The nature, the cities and the company. We felt so welcome at everybody’s place. Special thanks to Bruce, who planned our stay in Vancouver so perfectly and who showed us so much we would have never seen, Solveig and her family who invited us to see the cowboy-life in Alberta and of course Sandy and Rahul & Madhu, who came twice to San Francisco and showed us wonderful places there!

We had planned this trip since a long time, the tickets booked since 2 months and the ash cloud wasn’t a topic anymore - so we went end of May to Zurich visiting Matthias and Claudi. We arrived on Friday in this wonderful cosy town surrounded by a lot of hills, next to a huge lake and the Alps in the background. The sun was shining, and Matthias awaited us at the airport.

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