A week ago now since I’ve posted something. Actually a long time, according to my plans. But during the week a lot of things were happening. It was nice, exciting and definitely exhausting. What took most of our time was the preparation of the flat so it could be taken over by the new tenants for the time we are gone. And the first week of being a stay-at-home dad.

Now just two weeks left before we leave Munich. I still have a week of work ahead, which is packed with things to do. I’m completely caught in my everyday life, which does not give me much time to think ahead. Of course, it’s there. Permanently. And my poor colleagues at work have to suffer of my excitement. But still, I cannot grasp what it means to be gone and to start our trip.

I guess you’ll know it from every second big project you have to drive. You have a plan, you start on executing and you have the feeling that everything is going alright. You have the things under control it seems. But of course, you’ll know that it doesn’t go on as smoothly. That unforeseeable things will happen. How good you are, you can see in your reaction handling the situation. Panic is never a good thing.

After getting the idea of what you want to do and where to go, the difficult part starts: How to get there? This is actually harder than I thought. Within Europe there’s no question. Start some of the comparing portals, throw in your dates. Give some details. A return flight or not? Flexible dates? How many persons? Choose the best airline you get according to your price limit and off you go.

Daniel Wilms

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