Now it's already been two months since we moved from Munich to Herzliya, north of Tel Aviv. And I think we can say that we've arrived. We all got our visas into the passports, the basic furniture is bought and (mostly) built up, the first people came to visit us. And we're having something you can call everyday life. The thing many want to get away from but that we were longing for, because it gives you a structure to build upon.

Yesterday morning I baked baguettes for breakfast for the first time since we moved here, then we went to the beach to enjoy the sea, which was calmer than we’ve seen it so far, and finally we did what we always do on Saturdays. We had ice cream in the “Golda gelato factory”. While enjoying the sweets Linnéa said the magic words: “Hey, I’m actually a little happy that we moved to Israel.

Since 4 years I haven’t written anything here. It wasn’t because nothing meaningful happened, but we were just back in our everyday life in Munich. Things I wanted to share didn’t fit into a theme one could follow, or something you as a reader would want to come back to. That changed now, as we moved a couple of weeks ago to Herzliya, a town north of Tel Aviv.

Yesterday was the last day of my paternity leave. Tomorrow I have to go back to work. Almost 9 months together with the two little ones 24⁄7.It’s weird how fast time can fly and how much can fit into such a relatively short amount of time. I enjoyed every moment - the good, the happy, the stressful, the adventurous, the calm and the tough ones. It was great to talk to so many people to realise how special the situation in Germany and a few other Scandinavian countries is for the fathers.

As I’m writing this post, it’s Niklas’ birthday!Now he’s 8 months old and we are already more than two months away from home. Compared to the little helpless baby he was, he’s developing his own personality more and more and turned from calm, charming baby to restless charming explorer. His will is tremendous and if he wants to reach something which he cannot get immediately he underlines his trying with a loud “aaargh”.

As our family is located in two countries, we have to decide every year where and how to spend the Christmas holidays.Usually we spend Christmas in one place and Annikas’ birthday and New Years in the other. This year we spent Christmas in Germany, so the natural second stop on our way around the world was Finland. Most of the time in Finland we spent in Vaasa at Annika’s sister Heidi, Matthias and Bonzo, the young dog they got a couple of weeks ago.

Now we are in Helsinki, packing our stuff, charging all our electronic devices and waiting anxiously for the cab picking us up at 20:30 and bringing us to the airport.We had a really nice time in Finland and there is quite a bit to report about it. Hopefully I’ll have some time later today. But now it’s time to thank our family and friends in Finland and Germany, who helped us so much.

Just follow me through the day and be amazed, that all of the mood swings can happen in less than 24 hours.Yesterday at around seven in the evening Niklas seemed to be tired. He wasn’t cranky, just showed some signs of tiredness - rubbing his nose, touching his ears. I wanted to bring him to bed, but then he seemed to be a bit hungry still. I brought him to Annika.

After leaving mid of December, we visited my parents close to Cologne.We stayed for two weeks. I think that was the longest time I’ve stayed there since I moved out 14 years ago. After the hassle of the preparation of the move from Munich we were looking forward to calming down a little, sleeping and enjoying being around. We did all of it and we needed it. My parents didn’t let us do anything and it didn’t bother them that we spread all our things around.

A week ago now since I’ve posted something. Actually a long time, according to my plans. But during the week a lot of things were happening. It was nice, exciting and definitely exhausting. What took most of our time was the preparation of the flat so it could be taken over by the new tenants for the time we are gone. And the first week of being a stay-at-home dad.

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