Yesterday was the last day of my paternity leave. Tomorrow I have to go back to work. Almost 9 months together with the two little ones 24⁄7.It’s weird how fast time can fly and how much can fit into such a relatively short amount of time. I enjoyed every moment - the good, the happy, the stressful, the adventurous, the calm and the tough ones. It was great to talk to so many people to realise how special the situation in Germany and a few other Scandinavian countries is for the fathers.

Recently Linnéa and I were talking about various things. How she likes all the travelling. What she likes best. And what’s still ahead of us. Niklas was sleeping during that time. I love those moments. To discover how she’s thinking. What she’s worrying about. And how this changes so much over time, especially during the last year. For me it feels like there are three phases of developing since she was born with a clear focus on one visible ability.

Now, as we’re about to leave our second place on our tour, it’s noticeable how the every day life changes depending of the environment you’re actually in. Daily routines, things you do, you enjoy and look forward to change from one day to another when the environment changes. The kids and myself didn’t even notice it so much at first, but now looking back it feels like we’re living completely different.

As I’m writing this post, it’s Niklas’ birthday!Now he’s 8 months old and we are already more than two months away from home. Compared to the little helpless baby he was, he’s developing his own personality more and more and turned from calm, charming baby to restless charming explorer. His will is tremendous and if he wants to reach something which he cannot get immediately he underlines his trying with a loud “aaargh”.

Sometimes I’m surprised how far Linnéa has come already and that she’s not the baby girl anymore. Last week a guy came along with his bike, a dog without leash at his side. He was slow, a little fat, enjoying his day. The dog was agile and eager about the things happening around him. Another dog showed up in some distance. They saw each other and the first one escaped his owner.

Just follow me through the day and be amazed, that all of the mood swings can happen in less than 24 hours.Yesterday at around seven in the evening Niklas seemed to be tired. He wasn’t cranky, just showed some signs of tiredness - rubbing his nose, touching his ears. I wanted to bring him to bed, but then he seemed to be a bit hungry still. I brought him to Annika.

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